Stoeckel Group

The Stoeckel Group provides professional advice and analysis of economic problems and issues. Its principal, Dr Andrew Stoeckel, is one of Australia’s leading economists and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University. Before that he was a co-founder of the Center for International Economics, a private and thriving economics consultancy firm, having left the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics, which he ran for several years, for a stint in the private sector.

The focus of the Stoeckel Group is on the global economy and how it affects Australia. The firm jointly produces a strategy report – Economic Scenarios – with Professor Warwick McKibbin, also at the ANU. The emphasis in this analysis is on rigorous model based projections of how different scenarios can affect the strategic decisions faced by companies, governments and policy makers. Being quantitative in nature, Economic Scenarios allows global risks to be appraised and strategies to reduce exposure to those risks to be developed.

There is a vast array of data ‘out there’, but what does it all mean? What is important, what should be ignored? Analysing and interpreting all this data to turn it into knowledge so you can do something useful with it is what the Stoeckel Group excels at.